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An ice fishing adventure:  By now the lakes in the upper Midwest are frozen over and what better way to get your kids outside than by hitting the hard water.  Most lakes at this time are easily accessible and even if the fish aren’t biting, it should make for a great adventure.

First time ice fishing with Reese (left) and Cole (right)

My mom (Janice) and sister (Erin) entertaining the boys on their first ice fishing adventure in December of 2014.


Shed antler hunting:  One of my favorite things to do in the month of March is look for deer antlers that were shed during the winter.  This is an exciting scavenger hunt-like activity to get kids involved.  I will never forget my son’s reaction when we found our first antler on his first shed hunt last Spring.

Reese with his first shed antler.

Reese was really excited about finding his first shed antler and being able to drive his four wheeler in the field was all the better.


Chasing turkeys:  Turkey hunting is a great way to get kids involved in the outdoors.  The weather is finally starting to warm up, which makes it more bearable for young kids and unlike deer, they will be able to hear the “good morning” gobbles of nearby Toms.

Reese and I glassing turkeys in a field.

Reese and I were getting ready for the upcoming Spring turkey season by doing a little scouting.


Take ’em Fishing:  Some of my fondest childhood memories are from our family outings to the lake.  We didn’t have a boat growing up, but that was no hindrance at all.  I loved wading out into the water to fish deeper on a hot summer day.  In addition, the Game and Fish in most areas do a great job of providing docks and fishing piers, making lakes very accessible to take kids fishing.  Also, even in bigger cities, there are often times multiple man-made ponds that are stocked with fish and can also provide fishing opportunities for kids.  It is sure to be a great time on the water.

Reese fishing off of the pontoon during the summer of 2014.

This was Reese’s first time fishing off  Grandpa Steve’s pontoon back in the summer of 2014.

Cole catching a nice perch off of the dock during the summer of 2015.

I took my nephew Cole fishing off the dock last summer, and he hooked into a nice perch!


Trips to the outdoor archery range:  The archery seasons are now starting to kick off and trips to the local range are an every day occurrence. Although, after shooting all winter and summer, this is mainly just for routine maintenance.  So, bring your kids with!  They are never too young. I started bringing Reese with at just three years old, and he absolutely loved walking through the 3D course flinging arrows at all of the foam animals.  In his mind, he was hunting!

Reese practicing shooting his bow in the backyard at the age of three.watch Alien: Covenant 2017 movie online now

Reese was three years old here and having a great time practicing in the backyard.

Reese and I in the 3D range at Sandhills Archery Club.

After practicing in the backyard, Reese was ready for the 3D range!  I know this picture is kind of blurry, but it is still one of my favorites.


A walk for birds:  At this point in the year the weather is cooling off, the leaves are changing, and the upland bird seasons are open.  It is a perfect time of year to get your kids out to enjoy the scenery all while trying to bust the roost on some upland game birds.  This is a great activity for kids of almost all ages and was one that I particularly enjoyed last fall with my son and nephew.  Another activity that Reese loves to help with is putting feed out for the deer and turkeys.  This is legal in North Dakota and offers a great way to get him out in the woods.

Reese helping me put corn our for the deer and turkeys

Reese was my big helper putting corn out for the deer.


Deer camp:  I know that deer camp can often times be an adult getaway, but over the last few years I have been noticing a lot of people including their kids in the hunt and creating new traditions.  The evolution of box blinds and their ever rising popularity is starting to offer a great opportunity for kids to share in the adventure.  Today’s blinds offer good concealment, scent containment, and shelter from the elements adding three good reasons to bring your youngster along and let them learn from the best.

Reese put on his serious face for this November deer hunt

Reese put on his serious face for this November deer hunt.


Winter wonderland:  Now the hunting seasons are starting to taper off and the lakes are just starting to be safe enough to venture onto.  The trees may even be frost tipped with a glaze of whiteness coating the ground.  All kids love the first signs of winter and there is no shortage of things to create mischief.  Whether it’s a walk on the lake, snow angels in the fresh snow, or even a friendly snowball fight, there is something about the great outdoors that just can’t be found inside.

Cole and Reese getting buried in the snow

Cole and Reese had no problem with getting buried in the snow by Grandpa Steve.

Shenanigans in the snow.

Grandpa Steve joined Ally, Reese, and Cole in the outdoor shenanigans.


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