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There is no way of knowing whether or not my kids will love the outdoors as much as I do.  My son is to the age now where I at least have an idea.  We shoot our bows together, we watch hunting shows, and we talk about the future hunts that we are going to go on.  With my daughter it is a different story, she is only one-year-old.  Last week however, she started letting me know in a big way, and I could not have been more proud.

It is pretty common for me to turn on one of my favorite hunting shows and plop my baby girl in my lap so she can unwind before bedtime.  This is easily one of my favorite moments and one that I look forward to every day.  It is even more exciting to see my daughter light up when a big buck or bull elk enters the screen, often times pointing and letting out a soft “Ooh”!  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised then that every time she sees a picture of a deer or turkey she points and says, “Dada.”  It makes me smile every time and lets me revel in the thought of raising a future huntress.

Brinley In Ahh Over The Big Bull Elkdownload The Circle 2017 movie now

Brinley’s jaw dropped when the big bull elk entered the screen.

Brinley Pointed At the Bull Elk

Brinley pointing at the elk as it came closer into view.

Brinley Pointing At The Elk

Brinley points at the screen every time an elk comes into view and often accompanied by saying, “Dada”.

In addition to flooding the DVR with 30 minute installments from every outdoor channel offered, I also subscribe to a variety of bowhunting magazines.  I’m also one of those people who can’t ever throw any of them away because I may want to refer to past articles for tips and strategies.  As a result, we have a basket full of hunting magazines in our living room.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife subscribes to a few magazines also, but they usually end up getting choked out by the influx of hunting related literature.  Sorry Greta!  Last week I realized that all of those hunting magazines weren’t just for me, but also for my kids.  Maybe it was the intrigue of cuddling with her daddy or the mesmerizing colors of a big old Tom in full strut.  Either way, when I heard “Dada” come from the sweetest little voice I have ever heard and looked over to see my daughter coming towards me with one of my favorite bowhunting magazines, I was the proudest dad on Earth!  Supper could wait!  She oohed and ahhed at the pictures as I narrated a story as I saw fit and even though it didn’t last very long, I knew deep down that there is a little huntress inside of her and that we are raising her right.

Brinley And I Reading Petersen's Bowhunting Magazine

Brinley and I reading a hunting magazine and I couldn’t have been more proud.

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