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The past two weekends blessed us with some unseasonably warm temperatures, which was a wonderful treat for the end of January in the middle half of North Dakota.  Although it was still a little too early to hit the woods hard for shed antlers, the warm weather offered up a great opportunity to check and move around trail cameras.  I have noticed that there are a lot of bucks still carrying around their head gear, and I’m always interested to see which bucks made it through the grueling hunting season.  It didn’t take much convincing to get Reese to throw on his hunting gear and go peruse the woods for all it has to offer.  It never ceases to amaze me the creativity that kids express and the activities they come up with when presented with the freedom of taking a simple walk in the woods.

Reese Sliding Down the Hill

Reese took advantage of the hill running along this tract of land by doing a little sliding.

Reese Trudging Through the Snow

Reese trudged his way through the snow on our way to the first trail camera.

In my January post, 8 New Year’s Resolutions For Introducing Kids To The Outdoors, I highlighted a number of ways to get your kids out to enjoy the outdoors.  Going out and checking trail cameras is just another way to take a walk in the woods and introduce young ones to the hunting lifestyle.  I run my cameras all year around so that I can constantly track the ever-changing patterns of deer throughout the year.  The added bonus is that it offers some great one-on-one time with Reese, and I get to show him how the changing seasons affect deer movement.

Raising Checking the Trail Camera

Reese checking the Moultrie trail camera setup along a heavily used trail connecting the bedding area to a nearby food source.

I always use our walks in the woods as a chance to educate Reese on deer sign, travel patterns, and pinch points that offer great treestand locations.  And of course, he uses our walks in the woods to point out all of the rabbit and deer poop that line the trails!  Five-year-olds sure are observant!  Most of the time, though, I usually end up talking to myself until I realize that Reese is thirty yards back banging a stick on a tree, climbing a fallen tree, or trying to rip some poor defenseless sapling out of the ground.  Whichever his choice of activity is, it’s a great and often times hilarious reminder that kids don’t need TV, video games, or a phone to have fun.  Take them outdoors and introduce them to the serenity of the woods.  Then watch as their own minds and creativity take over as they forget all about the privileges left at home for the simple pleasures of a stick.

Breaking Sticks

Reese about to break a stick by walloping it against a tree.

Reese Climbing a Fallen Tree

Reese posing after climbing the fallen tree.

Reese Trying to Pull a Sapling Out of the Ground

Reese trying to rip a sapling out of the ground!

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