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Reese patiently watching the line

The past month has been a very busy one yet also one of the most fun and rewarding months I can remember.  Our family closed one chapter and opened another as we moved into our new home on the river.  Being an outdoorsman, it is one of those life events that I have been waiting on for a very long time.  For my kids, it has been an absolute blessing! When Greta and I were discussing the decision to make this move, the kids were always at the forefront.  Is there going to be other kids around for them to play with?  Are they going to have enough to do now that we won’t have a park within a block away?  Etc. Etc. Etc.  Our questions were answered very quickly on move-in day.  I don’t know if it was the out of breathe laughter coming from both kids as they ran uncontrollably through the house or if it was Reese repeatedly yelling, “I love this house!” Either way, Greta and I both knew that we had made the right decision.

Move-in was a ton of work and thankfully we had a lot of help from both of our families. Whether it was watching the kids or lugging in tote after tote, we slowly but surely emptied the old house and filled up the new.  By Sunday, we were all stiff, sore, and a little wore out, but we were finally able to grab a coffee and relax a bit before our families made their way back home to start the new week.  However, there was still one thing left to do.  I told Reese all weekend that once we were done moving, we were going to go fish the river that surrounds our new home and he patiently waited all weekend.  Well, it was finally time to wet a line, and I was happy to be able to share the experience with my mom and dad.

Grandpa and Grandma fishing with Reese

The day was cool and breezy, and I think the walleye bite was starting to slow down; at least the catfish were hungry enough to keep us entertained.  I think just about every cast resulted in the quick attack by a small channel cat.  It didn’t matter.  I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to fish with both of my parents, but I was more than happy knowing that we were now able to experience it as a family.  Once again reinforcing that Greta and I had made a good decision.

Reese and I with a small channel cat

We pulled in catfish after catfish and even hooked into a golden eye.  Anyone who has ever fished with me knows that I seem to catch everything but a walleye.  Thankfully, there weren’t any bullheads as I was once coined by my uncle Punky, “Sean the Bullhead Slayer!”

First golden eye

Although it was hard work, move-in weekend was a great weekend spent with family.  For me it brought back great memories spent fishing with my family on Lake Scandinavian near where I grew up.  Now I finally have the chance to give my kids some of the same experiences I fondly remember.  We still plan on getting out in the boat like we did in A Great Time on the Water, but now we don’t have to wait for the weekend to enjoy the calmness of the water against the setting sun.  For Reese, this event is weekly.  I think a new pastime has begun.

Reese and his new past time


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