Daddy-O Hunts is about doing what you love and balancing it with those whom you love.  In life, you are only given so many sunrises and sunsets and I don’t want to miss any of them.add another page.

We are ready for turkey season!

I’m Sean.  I am Chemist, freelance writer, family man, newly found blogger and hunter.  Hunting is my true passion, but my family will never take a backseat. Even when I can’t be in the field, I want to give something back.  Although my kids are still too young to hunt, Reese (7) and Brinley (3), and Briar (2 months), I am constantly thinking of ways to get them involved in hunting and the outdoors.  It is my goal to share the trials and tribulations of introducing young kids to the hunting and outdoor life that I so passionately love.

Contact me at daddyohunts@gmail.com

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