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Reese using the View Master

Lately up in North Dakota, the weather has been dipping deep into the sub-zero ranges, so it has been quite the struggle to get the kids into the great outdoors.  We still make it out onto our man-made pond to slap some pucks around, but we don’t currently own a nice warm ice shanty to go fish in and the wind chills have made it a little tricky to grab our bows and go after hares or some other furry critters.  As a hunter, the season’s past, the upcoming season, and wildlife in general always seem to be taking up the space in my mind.  I have come to find though that even when the hunting seasons are over and the weather isn’t conducive to regular outdoor activity, there are ways to bring the great outdoors, streaming film Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

Over Christmas, my nephew was playing around with this neat little virtual reality contraption called the View Master by Mattel.  The device is powered by a simple to use app, View Master National Geographic Wildlife, that can be downloaded to just about any fairly current smartphone.  Once you have the app, you simply insert your smartphone into the device, stare at the video reel and begin your virtual reality tour through the rain forest, savanna, outback and more.  Also, it isn’t just a TV screen with eye holes, but one that also gives bits of information allowing kids to learn about some of the animals that inhabit these specific regions.  Before you know it, Mattel may even come out with a deer hunter or fishing video reel.  At least that’s what I am hoping for!  Either way, I knew that the North West winds were going to eventually blow and the temperatures were soon going to plummet.  Plus, Reese had a birthday coming up.  With that in mind Grandpa and Grandma made the purchase figuring, if the kids can’t be outdoors, then they would bring the outdoors to them.

View Master

The View Master is a handheld virtual reality device that allows kids to learn about new animals and places.

National Geographic Wildlife Slides

National Geographic Wildlife comes with three different slide discs:  Savanna, Amazon, and the Outback.

Another option is to set up a subscription to National Geographic Little Kids.  These magazines are filled with pictures, games, and facts about a large variety of animals.  This is a great way to bring the outdoors inside.  Plus, for aspiring young hunters, there is no better way to learn about the animals they are hunting than by reading.

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

National Geographic Little Kids magazine is a great way for kids to look at pictures, play games, and learn about all types of different wildlife.

Whitetail Facts

Teaching kids about why whitetail deer have antlers.

Reese Looking Through His New National Geographic Kids Book

Reese was relaxing and looking through his new National Geographic Kids book.

Reese doing some light reading.

Reese doing some light reading.  This is a common theme in our house when the new National Geographic Kids books arrive.

Now, I know it isn’t the same as having your kid be on lookout in the deer blind or having him or her sharing a bench with you in the fish house, but it is a pretty good way to experience the outdoors and learn about various types of wildlife.  All while staying in the warm comfort of your home, at least until it’s once again nice enough to go outside.

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